Box #3: Islam in Africa & Globalization


Presently box #3 called Islam in Africa & Globalization includes an inventory sheet, collected artifacts, an educational film, museum reproductions, translated recordings, as well as a 300 level college course plan that can be adapted for other grades, skill levels, and ways of learning.

Each artifact has a card with the object's name, a description of the context in which the artifact is used daily, and suggestions about how the artifacts can be used with the other materials mentioned in the course plan. The main readings for the course plan are also in the box as are documents from a United Nations conference against racism. The Islam in Africa & Globalization box also contains additional books on ways to infuse African content in French language training,on globalization, on 19th century anti-colonial Islamic movements in Senegal [and a graphic image of one of the leaders], as well as a contemporary Senegalese novel about language policy. Finally, there is a film about 20th century life in a Senegalese city which raises questions about the previous history, several museum reproductions illustrating the impact of Islam in African daily life, music recordings, maps, and crafts.


This box can be used to prepare lessons about:

  1. Islam in Africa.
  2. The regional and international economic conditions that cause migrations.
  3. Transmitting ways of solving shared problems from one generation of migrants to another through popular cultures.

In Africa, these topics have been interconnected for the last twelve-thirteen hundred years.

About the author(s)

This curriculum box about Islam in Africa, and about Globalization was developed by Dr. W. F. Santiago-Valles with the assistance of Dr. Ibrahima Thioub, Chair of the History Department at Cheikh Anta Diop University, in Dakar, Senegal.

Location Information

This box is kept at the Kalamazoo Regional Education Service Agency [KRESA] and can be borrowed for use in your classroom. If you are interested in borrowing this Curriculum Artifact box please print the Inventory form for Box #3 and follow the check out procedure.

When obtaining this artifact box, please refer to the box title code: 101620.