Globalization: An Introduction

Artifact Box Contents

The detailed descriptions for the contents of this artifact box are currently under construction and will be added soon.

  1. Item: Pop Can Box
  2. Item: Pop Can Car
  3. Item: Pop Can Airplane
  4. Item: Toy Doll
  5. Item: Toy Bus
  6. Item: Sous Verre Painting
  7. Item: Sand Paintings
  8. Item: English and French Workbooks
  9. Item: Peoples History
  10. Item: Historie du Senegal
  11. Item: Saint Louis Sugar and Cultural Programs
  12. Item: Le Senegal Childrens Book
  13. Item: CDs
  14. Item: Bamako DVD
  15. Item: Magazines
  16. Item: Toy Eiffel Tower and Elephant
  17. Item: Post Cards
  18. Item: Wolof Books
  19. Item: Photographs
  20. Item: ENDA Tiers Monda Pamphlets