Globalization: An Introduction

Curriculum Unit in KWL

K = What you know

W = What you want to know

L = What you’ve learned

What do you do?

What do you want to do?

What did you do?

Help students understand the history and consequences of globalization.

Help students understand and how NGO's and Non-profits do not address the systemic causes of oppression.

Help students understand the migration is often the result of globalization and exploitation that forces them to move.


What is Globalization?

What is the history of Globalization?

How does Globalization continue to affect us?

How to NGO's and Non-Profits try to address Globalization?

What are the limits of NGO's and non-profits?

What are some alternatives to NGO's and non profits?
How is migration linked to globalization?

Students will understand the root causes of globalization.

Students will understand the limits of NGO's.

Students will design their own alternatives in their communities to address the problems of globalization.

Students will understand the complexity of immigration and how it relates to globalization.