Globalization: Solutions to Our Problems

Unit 3: Activities

Activity 3: “What can we do about it?”


  • To propose collective solutions to the problems we face as a result of globalization
  • If possible, work together with students from West Africa to create solutions to our problems

TERMS: none



  • Is small groups or as a whole class, students will identify a local problem for their community. Refer back to research from activity 1.
  • They then need to determine the systemic causes of this problem.
  • Next, they will do research to see how people in West Africa, or other parts of the world, are attempting to solve a similar problem. (Refer to Enda Tiers Monde pamphlets among other sources)
  • Finally, they will propose a solution to their local problem.  This solution can be presented as a paper, a presentation, a letter to a congressperson, or an action research project.

Key Points
The purpose of the final activity in this unit is to help students understand that identifying their problems is not enough; they also need to act to change them.  Another point to emphasize is the importance of working collectively to solve our problems.  Students from the U.S. need to understand that people from Senegal and other “developing” countries have valuable experiences, insights, and solutions to offer.