Globalization and Oral Traditions

Artifact Box Contents

  1. Item: The Singing Man (book) 5 copies

    Description: The Singing Man –West African Folktale-This folktale describes the African villges and those who made their living as griots or praise singers.
  2. Item: Tin Metal School Bus

    Description: Metal Bus-This is a bus that depicts the transportation mode in Senegal West Africa. (Dakar).  This can be used to describe the environment and culture of Senegal.
  3. Item: Tall wooden giraffe

    Description: Wooden giraffe and wooden duck-This wooden giraffe and duck was made by the villagers of Senegal.  It can be used to discuss how talented the people are of Senegal in making items out of wood.
  4. Item: Fabric

    Description: Fabric-This fabric shows the colors and prints that are inspired by the textiles of West Africa.  Through the color and texture, you can see the diversity of the Senegalese people and lands.  This can be used in the unit when talking about the culture of the people.
  5. Item: African Print Top

    Description: African Print Top-This item shows the different use of color and print in Senegalese clothing.  This can be used as the teacher is reading the folktales.
  6. Item: 2 Koras

    Description: Korah-This item is used by the griot as he/she is telling a historical folktale or story.  The Korah is an instrument similar to a guitar and was used by the griot to maintain attention to the story he or she was telling.
  7. Item: 2 African Masks

    Description: African Mask-These masks were also made by villagers in Senegal.  They can be used to show the talent and expertise of the Senegalese people.  The culture of this region can also be discussed and traced in the mask.
  8. Item: MP3-153 Titres CD

    Description: MP3-153 Titres-CD-Music of the region.  This can be used in the unit, when you are explaining the culture and history and music of Senegal.
  9. Item: Glass picture of Lady playing a flute

    Description: Glass painting-Lady on the flute-This item also shows how the art work of Senegal is so unique.  The glass paining tells a story.  Students can find the story by doing research on glass paintings.
  10. Item: African Man wear (white) top and bottom

    Description: African Man Wear-This is an actual Senegalese item.  The griot /storyteller utilized this item when telling his story.  This can be used in the unit when you are studying the griot and also telling the story.
  11. Item: Sand Paintings (4)

    Description: Four Sand Paintings-These sand paintings tell the story of Senegal history and lifestyle.  These items can be used when you discuss the culture, art and history of the Senegalese people.
  12. Item: Book-Voyage au Segul by Anne Loure Wilochger Sevil Jeunesse

    Description: Book-Voyage au Sengul Book by Anne Loure Wilochger Seuil Jeunesse-This book takes the reader on a voyage of Senegal.  It has colorful pictures and descriptions of items that are found in Senegal. This item can be used in the unit when the teacher is discussing the history, culture of Senegal.
  13. Item: Silver Necklace

    Description: Silver Necklace/Earrings-This is an authentic silver necklace and set of earrings that was made in Dakar.  This item can be used to show how the villagers make wares to sell to make a living.
  14. Item: Set of Wood Elephants

    Description: Description of this artifact is pending.
  15. Item: Earrings

    Description: Description of this artifact is pending.
  16. Item: Wooden Duck

    Description: Description of this artifact is pending.
  17. Item: Book-Sundiata an Epic of Old Mali DT. Niane (3 copies)

    Description: Sundiata an Epic of Old Mali-Retold by generations of griots-the guardians of African culture-this epic tale-part history, part legend captures all the mystery and majesty of medieval African kingship.  This can be used in the unit as a comparative study with The Singing Man.
  18. Item: Book-Leap Out of the Dark Gorgui Dieng

    Description: A Leap out of the Dark by Gorgui Dieng-Is a first novel in English written by a Senegalese writer.  The author raises topical issues, such as the ambiguous relationships between Africa and her Diaspora on the one hand, and between Africa and the Western world on the other hand.
  19. Item: Traditional Stories from West Africa-Book by Robert Hull

    Description: Traditional Stories from West Africa by Robert Hull-This book gives the reader into the continent of Africa.   The stories are from West Africa and are spread around the world as its people were taken as slaves to distant shores: to the Americas, to Europe and to the Carribean especially.  This book can be used as an introduction to West Africa.
  20. Item: Kidiwi Lagoulielette Curiause Kidiwi the Nosey Little Droplet-TML-Book

    Description: Kidiwi la gouttelette curieuse-This book is a bilingual version of Kidiwi the Nosey Little Droplet.
    This can be used to end the unit…to show how we all can be diverse in many ways, but can understand one another through one little drop of water.
  21. Item: CD Mande KaLou

    Description: CD-Mande KaLou-This music can be played as students are beginning to create their projects for the unit. (Authentic Senegalese music by griot).