Globalization, Language, and Literacy


Lesson 3: Explaining the Context













Lesson Detail

Teacher Activities

Student Engagement

Materials and Resources

Products and Outcomes

Globalization and WHO-ICF as the contexts for culturally effective services

Review WHO-ICF
Define Macro practice – explain need for macro practice

Define globalization from above and below – the reason we need a macro practice

Explain the consequences in Senegal and the U. S. Midwest

Work in teams to develop questions pertaining to their understanding of the contexts, that link to their practice

Amin, S. (2000)

Brecher, Costello, & Smith

Cha-Jua, & Lang (1999)

Howe, T. (2008)

Netting, Kettner, & McMurtry (2007)

Steger (2003)

Threats, T. (2010)

Artifact #1: Map of Dakar – use to show areas of Dakar that have been affected by the consequences of globalization. For example, show the Cornich and the privatization of the public beach.

Developed Questions
A plan for answering the developed question(s)

Lead discussion of globalization and its consequences

Lead discussion of globalization and its consequences and implications for language and literacy

Identify effects of globalization in US Midwest that will potentially affect their practice as SLPs

Film: Life & Debt (shows the consequences of globalization in Jamaica)

Film: Profit & Nothing but (about the consequences of globalization)

Film: End of poverty? (Consequences of globalization)
Film: World according to Monsanto (deals with the effects of globalization on food sovereignty)

Artifact #2: Say it in Wolof – use this text to discuss the language of Wolof. Segue into a discussion of the implications of globalization on language use/policies.

Reflection paper linking the content of one of the films to health and communication development