Globalization’s Impact-Impoverishment Urban Workers & Unemployed Migrants and Solutions


This unit is designed first to produce answers to: who profits from urban impoverishment? why are urban workers and unemployed migrants forced to live like this? what is the visual & documentary evidence of this historical process? how is the history of resistance to impoverishment and/or government violence remembered/adapted to present forms of struggle? how is local knowledge produced about the causes, consequences and alternatives to urban impoverishment (and its connections to corporate globalization)?

This unit is designed second to help students choose issues connected w/ consequences of corporate globalization, and to compare their impact on the U.S. Midwest region with their impact on the West Africa region.

This unit is designed third to support learning how the peers of North American students in West Africa are solving those problems, what students here need to learn in order to work together -with organized groups their W. African counterparts- solving problems they all share.


  1. Develop a set of definitions for concepts explain globalization’s impact
  2. Apply definitions to global context as unit of analysis
  3. Become familiar w/ comparative criteria (using Cha-Jua & Lang article)
  4. Become familiar w/ problema solving methods travel w/ migrants
  5. Identify and verify how local alternatives to globalization are being produced

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Dr. W. F. Santiago-Valles
Western Michigan University

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Globalization Impact- Urban Impoverishment and solutions

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