Globalization’s Impact-Impoverishment Urban Workers & Unemployed Migrants and Solutions

Questions Discussed

  • First, who profits from impoverishment?
  • Second, what is the visual and documentary evidence of this historical process?
    • Why are we forced to live like this?
  • Third, how is history of resistance to impoverishment or goverment violence remembered as counter-memories, and how are those memories adapted to present forms of struggles to limit imperialism?
  • Using the work of Maryse Conde, Edouard Glissant, Cedric Robinson, David Scott & Robert Hill, and Peter Linebaugh.
  • Fourth, how is the local knowledge about the causes, consequences and alternatives- to continued impoversihment- produced by intellectual traditions which are excluded from official histories and curriculums?
    • How do we redesign learning environments to focuson questioning premises of the dominant order, dismantling the causes and creating networks fund social change