Senegal: Language and Diversity

Artifact Box Contents

The detailed descriptions for the contents of this artifact box are currently under construction and will be added soon.

  1. Car rapide: model of city/suburban bus
  2. Religious object: decorated cardboard
  3. My Pictures of Senegal: scenes of daily life
  4. My First Trilingual French-English-Wolof: 1000 words & 1000 pictures
  5. Diambar: Education for Citizenship
  6. My Week of French: language workbook
  7. Vivi, the Strong Wind: storybook in French
  8. Dakar city map: French/English, 2010
  9. Program: French Institute, July/Aug 2010
  10. Young Africa: published weekly in France
  11. Dakar, Place de L’Independence postcard
  12. Goree Island: harbor views, postcard
  13. Fruit Seller: postcard
  14. The Baobob Cavern: baobob tree postcard
  15. Dakar-Cathedral of Notre Dame postcard
  16. Women pounding cassava root: postcard
  17. Ball Art: Exposition, summer 2010
  18. Le Soleil: pro-government daily paper