Senegal: Language and Diversity

State Standards Addressed

MS Historical St’d1.3: Select a contemporary condition in Africa (& other reg’s) and trace some of the major historical origins.

MS Historical St’d 2.3: Select conditions in various parts of the world and describe how they have been shaped by events from the past.

MS Historical St’d 3.2: Analyze interpretations of major events selected from African (& other reg’s) history to reveal the perspectives of the authors.

MS Historical St’d 4.2: Identify major decisions in the history of Africa (& other reg’s) analyze contemporary factors contributing to the decisions and consider alternative courses of action.

MS Geographic St’d 1.2: Describe and compare characteristics of major world cultures including language, religion, belief systems, gender roles, and traditions.

MS Geographic St’d 4.4: Compare major world regions with respect to cultures, economy, governmental systems, environment, and communications.

MS Citizen Inv’mt St’d 1.2: Engage in activities intended to contribute to solving a national or international problem they have studied.