The Role of Access in Preparing Globally Competent Special Education Teachers

State Standards Addressed

For Special Education Teacher Educators

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Educators (NCATE)/Special Program Standards (SPA) Council for Exceptional Children (CEC):  Standard 1CC1K8, 1CC1K9, 1CC1K10, ICC2K3, ICC3K3, ICC3K4, ICC3K5, ICC5K8, ICC5K9, ICC5KI0, ICC5S13, ICC5S14, ICC6K2, ICC6K3, ICC6S2, ICC7S8, ICC9K1

For K-12 Teachers

Michigan Curriculum Framework:  Standard II.5 Global Issues and Events-All students will describe and explain the causes, consequences, and geographic context of major global issues and events.  Standard VII.1 All students will consider the effects of an individual’s actions on other people, how one acts in accordance with the rule of law, and how one acts in a virtuous and ethically responsible way as a member of society.