Teaching Resources

Discussion Starters

  • What basic human needs are being addressed in these photos? How is this similar or different to your own life?
  • Who do you think does a majority of the work in the family? Do you think this person makes all of the family decisions? How is this like or unlike your family?
  • How many people are in a Senegalese family? How many are in yours? How big is a Senegalese house? How big is yours?
  • Do you share a room or a bed or do you have your own? Do you think Senegalese people share rooms? Do you think they have beds? How do you think this might make family life easier or harder? Think about how you do or don't share with your siblings.
  • Where is Senegal ? How big is it? How far away is it from you? How could you get there?
  • From these pictures, does it look like life is hard or easy? Why might people want to move from there? Why might people need to move from there? Why might people want or need to stay?
  • What inventions in Science or Technology might make life easier in Senegal ? Why do you think they don't have that invention?
  • What concerns or issues are evident by looking at these photographs and reading their explanations?
  • How might you have a difficult or easy time living in Senegal ?
  • Imagine you are a "villager". Learn about the Baobabtree at http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A295472 and then imagine what you would do if a logging company came to your village for the Baobabtrees. Stand up for your beliefs.