Project Themes

Plants along the Senegalese coastline.


By Korin Visocchi

The theme of Ecology focuses at this point on food security. Throughout the world there is enough food to feed every human being; yet, hunger and malnutrition persist. The right to food is a universal one - a right that more than 854 million people worldwide are deprived of (Grassmann and Manniged, 2008). Using photographic images, artifacts, video clips, and interviews in West Africa we examine the growing concerns and issues surrounding urbanization and globalization including but not limited to food access vs. availability in West Africa and the U. S. Midwest.  The accompanying curriculum unit asks students to begin to explore the consequences and legacies of exploitation and class struggle foster understanding and curiosity surrounding globalization and urbanization around the world. Additional, the unit associated with this theme explore how food access and availability have been co-opted and exploited and how people resist or overcome that exploitation.