Box #3: Islam in Africa & Globalization

Photographs & Descriptions

A set of 26 photographs from the summer 2003 field trip to Senegal is also included in the # 3 artifact box:

Group A

Group A shows the Islamic Mosque in Paris :the block in which Mosque is located, the door bell at the main entrance, and the inside courtyard.

Group B

Group B shows the first meeting with the collaborators and counterparts from both Cheikh Anta Diop University [CADU] and the National Teacher Training School in Dakar, Senegal : with Dr. Abdou Ngom, from the English Department [CADU], and with Dr. Ibrahima Thioub, Chair of the History Department [CADU] and Santiago-Valles' counterpart in the curriculum development project.

Group C

Group C s hows a trip to Goree Island of the coast of Dakar , Senegal: with the Mayor of Goree at the ferry terminal, on the ferry going to the island, and at a house used to represent the slave markets that existed on that island.

Group D

Group D shows a visit to the main Mosque in Dakar , Senegal : internal courtyard and fountain, close-up of the same fountain, tour inside the Mosque with one of the spiritual teachers and with Dr. I. Thioub, a detail of the Moroccan style craftwork decorating the main Mosque.

Group E

Group E shows a trip in the interior of central Senegal, to the Mosque in the holy city of the Mouride Brotherhood of African Muslims, named Touba: a side view of the main tower, the guide at the side entrance, the side entrance, Dr. Thioub, and his martial arts instructor at the side entrance, Dr. Thioub illustrating a way in which the popular sectors remember the Arabic script, the fountains for washing before prayer, a fountain inside, another view of the main tower and central dome, entrance to the seminary library across the street from the Mosque. Visit the Fowler Museum (UCLA) Passport to Paradise exhibit

Group F

Group F shows another leg of the same trip to the interior of central Senegal, to the Mosque in one of the holy cities of the Tidjannia Brotherhood of African Muslims, named Kaolack: on the way from the Cheikh's house to the educational and health projects with Prof. Lamine Kane and an American Muslim doing doctoral research work, the Tidjannia Mosque in Kaolack.

Group G

Group G shows the village of Sherif Lo where the women run their own animal fattening and craft making projects: the girl's section and the boy's section at the Islamic school.