About Cultural Connections

Photo of a Senegalese street.

Project and Team Overview

We are a transdisciplinary and transnational team of educators examining the consequences of economic globalization on educational, health, food, linguistic, and economic systems of in Senegal and other countries in West Africa and the U. S. Midwest for the purpose of identifying ways that we collaborate across the Atlantic to create and implement solutions to our shared problems.

Cultural Connections team members develop teaching resources that include thematic curriculum units and curriculum kits in accordance with the State of Michigan Standards and Benchmarks, as well as policy alternatives to the consequences of economic globalization.

Beyond teaching resources we are also developing:

  • Local seminar exploring the comparisons between West Africa and the U. S. Midwest, field research methods, and team based learning.
  • Abroad study experiences in West Africa for educators, students, and community members
  • Documentation and research center comprised of literature and resources about economic globalization and popular strategies for addressing its consequences