Ibrahima Seck

Senegalese Participant

Ibrahima Seck is a holder of a Doctorate degree in History and an assistant professor at the History department, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar. He has participated in many American Programs including whorkshops which he organized and led. Dr. Seck has additionally given lectures on the African diaspora at many different United States Universities including the University of New Orleans and the University of Mississippi. He has been awarded many fellowships from research organizations and programs including WARA/WARC, USIS, CODESRIA, and the Fulbright Foundation.

His research works and publications include but are not limited to "The Roots of the Blues Culture, a Documentary Video (work in progress)", "the Illegal SlaveTrade between Saint Louis in Senegal, the West Indies and Louisiana in the 19th century", "African Cultures and Slavery in the Lower Mississippi Valley, from Iberville to Jim Crow", Holy Spring Blues, a video documentary on the life of and music of Junior Kimbrough".

Dr. Seck is the incumbent Secretary general of the African Branch of the West African Research Association based in Dakar, Senegal. He is also the coordinator of the twinning between Gorée Island (Senegal) and Saint-Martinville (Louisiana).

His background led him to initiate the Bouki Blues Festival in Saint-Louis, Senegal, on January 2002. The second edition of this cultural event is scheduled for January 2005.

Contact: Ibrahima Seck, birimaseck@hotmail.com
Personal Web Page: http://www.tekrur.org[NEW LINK NEEDED]
Counterpart from Michigan: Anya Wiley