Lamine Kane

Senegalese Participant

I am a senegalese Consultant, Educational sociologist and I have a post-graduate diploma in Education (adult education and community development) from the University of Manchester in England. I spent a year of research on African social anthropology and history at the Department of Languages of the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium . Since 1995, I have been an independent consultant.

From 1993 to 1995 I was in charge of UNICEF Dakar's Projects of Education. In this role, I worked with the formal, non-formal, and remedial education sectors, focusing in the last area on how to get children not in the education system to attend school. I also headed a special project with the Ministry of Education on girls' education, the aim of which was to sensitize girls and their parents to the need for girls to go to school and remain there. I continued with this project, as a consultant with the Ministry, even after leaving UNICEF. From 1991 to 1993, I have worked with the Direction de l'Alphabétisation et de l'Education de Base (DAEB) on an education project involving UNICEF and the Government of Senegal. Previously (1976-1977), I was head of the Bureau Etude et Conception at DAEB, where among others, I used to work on data collection and analysis. In the early 1990s, I worked for UNESCO on girls' education, traveling to various African countries to analyze their systems.

In November 2001, I gave a well-received paper on poverty reduction through education with special reference to girls and women at an international conference on "Education and sustainable development" in South Africa . Recently,(Feb-March 2002), I participated in an evaluation team (headed by an American company: L.T ASSOCIATES inc, Washington DC ) for the evaluation of the EDDI/USAID Education Project in Senegal . I am a member of ANAFA'S Executive Committee and Coordinator of the Pan African Association for Literacy and Adult Education. I am lecturing in various study abroad courses i.e., the University of Minnesota MSID Program and the CIEE Training Program in Dakar . In both programs, I am lecturing in Education/culture and/or Literacy and Development.

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