Diversity, Language and Communication

Concepts to learn

Questions for open discussion

  • What country do we live in? What state? What city?
  • What makes you different from your friends? How are you similar? (hair color, skin color, the house you live in, the language you speak, how you communicate, etc.)
  • What makes your family special? What makes you special?
  • Can you name someone from a different country around the world?
  • Where is the United States and Senegal on the map?
  • How would you get to Senegal?

New Vocabulary

  • Senegal
  • Africa
  • United States
  • world
  • country
  • city
  • same
  • different
  • map/globe
  • language
  • French
  • Wolof
  • far
  • near
  • culture
  • travel
  • passport
  • ticket
  • fair      
  • unfair
  • instrument