Food Security and Globalization











Teacher Activities

Student Engagement

Materials and Resources


Prior Knowledge
Stereotype Activity

What do you know about Africa?

  • List everything on board

The Gods Must Be Crazy (first 15 minutes)
Carved Wooden Elephant
Senegalese Books

Discussion: Stereotypes of Africa
Where do these stem from?
Why are they dangerous?

Analyze the causes and consequences of the “Mad Scramble for Africa.”

Explore the attitudes and beliefs of Europeans that accompanied Western Imperialism in Africa.
- African Imperialism Notes
- The Scramble For Africa and the Colonial Legacy of Today
- The New Colonialism
-Selections of: The World and a Very Small Place in Africa: A History of Globalization in Niumi, the Gambia  By: Donald R. Wright


The World and a Very Small Place in Africa: A History of Globalization in Niumi, the Gambia AUTHOR:  Donald R. Wright

Access to internet for African Imperialism research


Begin with what do you know about Imperialism

What do you want to know after brief discussion

Directed Research - - Analyze the Paradoxical Relationship: Introduce and discuss transnational and cross-cultural influences, environmental and biological issues, matters pertaining to women, and the effects of globalization on the world's poor.

What have you learned: a seminar discussion

Food Discussion-
From Farm to Table

Where does your food come from?
Before it gets to your fridge, where does it come from?
(elicit thought about food miles and let the conversation finally get to FARM)
Who is advocating local alliances between consumers and food producers?
Is “Consumer” a four letter word?

Images of farm, market, food prep, and eating in Senegal.

Blank map of the world.

Senegalese Fabric and carved veggies/fruit/tray for meal simulation

Senegalese Cookbook

Create a map showing the path your path takes to get to you.

Discuss food culture/eating habits

Food as a Weapon in West Africa and Midwest United States

Evaluate industrial food systems


Leading discussion and research prompt:
To what extent is food a weapon?

Analyze and understand that globalized/industrialized food is not “cheap”. 

Food, Inc.
The Seed Manifesto
In Defense of Food
Stuffed and Starved

Access to internet for online research.

Lead students through an exploratory and investigative discussion on the prompt.

View Food, Inc.

Begin with selected readings of The Seed Manifesto and In Defense of Food.

Students must find (3) additional resources to complete their understanding and argument to the prompt.

Students are expected to write a 1200 word response to the prompt using MLA formatting with a works cited.

Options in Our Community:  Earthworks Urban Farm

What is urban farming? How can it benefit Detroit?  How can it benefit Dakar?

Access to internet for online research.

Investigate urban farming initiatives in Detroit.  What are the goals and mission? 

Locate examples of success stories;  why is the urban farm working? How can it be maintained?


Final Evaluation
Discuss Writing Prompts & Socratic Seminar discussion techniques

Writing & Discussion Prompts (Choose One)

  • To what extent can the deep injustices in our food system be place on the shoulders of institutions and economic globalization?
  • Examine how affordable and sustainable food can be available for everyone.

- Writing Prompts
- Socratic Seminar   Rubric

500- 800 word essay addressing one of the writing prompts

Academic dialogue during Socratic Seminar to revisit Unit Terms and Objectives