Globalization: An Introduction


The focus of this unit is on giving students a basic understanding of how current trends in globalization perpetuate patterns of exploitation. The unit is then divided into a study of two manifestations of globalization: Immigration and how Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) or non-profits try to alleviate the suffering caused by globalization. The unit concludes with two projects for the students to test their new understanding of the concepts they have learned. This unit, although designed for a middle/high school ELA or Social Studies course, can be altered for various grade levels.


  1. Students will come to a basic understanding of the history, complexity, and context of globalization.
  2. Students will examine and understand two specific manifestations of the consequences of globalization.
  3. Students will use their analysis of the causes of exploitation to create a community based project that seeks to address and fix those causes.

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Ryan Bailey, Joy Bailey, and Jen Heymoss
Kalamazoo Central High School

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