Senegal: Language and Diversity











Teacher Activities

Student Engagement

Materials and Resources



  • Distribute copies of Guided Notes Handout-Senegal Languages
  • Show PPT: Language-Senegal, Ruddy; lead discussion based on PPT





  • As / after they view PPT, have students use Guided Notes Handout to identify the official, national, and some other recognized languages in Senegal.
  • Discuss historical development and outside influences that shape language.  small groups discuss remaining questions in teacher column


  • PPT: Language-Senegal, Ruddy
  • Guided Notes Handout-Senegal Languages


  • Students accurately complete 10 Q. Guided Notes Handout-Senegal Languages
  • On reverse of Guided Notes Handout, have students list as many outside influences on language seen PPT: Language-Senegal